Terms of Use

The databases (PH Database, PHDB) at www.physiome.jp currently include a Model Database, a Morphology Database, and a Time-series database. The Model Database stores a number of modules representing biological/physiological functions. Those models are formulated by mathematical equations to describe dynamic changes of states, i.e., specific biological functions. All models in the database are written in an XML format called "Physiological Hierachy ML (PHML)". The Morphology Database provides datasets representing morphometric models of biological organs. The morphometric data are provided in several data-types including surface data such as STL and VRML and volume/voxel data. The Time-series Database includes dynamic data obtained from physiological and numerical experiments. The database contents are in the public domain and aim to provide valuable models and data to the scientific community for sharing/reuse, simulation, model validation, visualization of biological structure, and morphology-based dynamic simulation of biological functions. These can be accomplished by combining PHML models with appropriate morphology and/or time-series datasets.

Models and related data in the PHML may be freely downloaded and reused for non-profit scientific purposes. When using the models in the Model Database, we ask the users to respect the effort spent in arranging/serving the mathematical models as well as the original model construction. For any reuse of the morphology and time-series data, we also ask the users to respect the intellectual property of those who provided the original data. This should be done by acknowledging PHDB@physiome.jp for model reuse and by including appropriate attribution information for any reuse of the morphology data.

The PHDB owners will not be held responsible for misuse of the Morphology, Time-series Databases and/or Model Database, or damage caused by use of the data and models contained therein.