DBPF Client

User's manual

This document shows how to use DBPF Client.

1. Introduction

This is a client application of Dynamic Brain Platform (DBPF) (http://dynamicbrain.neuroinf.jp/), which provides a function to search and download models, commentaries and papers in DBPF Database.

2. Login to Dynamic Brain Platform (DBPF)

1. Launch application
2. Clicking (1) in the following figure opens a window to login
3. Input User name in (2) and password in (3). If you do not have an account of DBPF, click (4) to visit DBPF site and make a request to create an account.
4. Click (6) to login, or (5) to cancel to login.
5. If the provided information is not corect, error message will appear at (7).


3. Search files and show detailed information

1. Input keywords to search at (1) in the following figure with selecting targets to search at (2). If no check is provided, only models are searched.
2. Click (3) to execute a search, and then search results will be shown.
3. (4) shows the number of the all hits and the number of items currently shown in the window. "NEXT", "PREV" at (5) moves pages.


4. Select one of items by a single left click. The background of the item will be gray as shown in the following figure (1).
5. Clicking (2) "More Info" launches a web browser showing the DBPF page with the detailed information.


4. Download items from Dynamic Brain Platform

1. Search items (see Section 2.2).
2. Select "File > Save as..." shown in the following figure (2).


3. A window pops up as shown in the following figure.
4. Select destination and give a file name at (1)
5. Click "Save" button at (2) to save the selected item.


5. Send the file via Garuda platform

The selected file can be sent to applications supporting Garuda platform.
1. Search items (see Section 2.2).
2. Select one of items shown in the following figure (1), and select "Garuda > Send To" in the main menu (2).
3. Applications which can receive the selected file are listed in the menu.
8. Select one of applications.
9. The application is launched by Garuda platform and the file is sent to the application.