Dynamic Brain Platform Client

In the Dynamic Brain Platform (DBPF), a neuroinformatics platform promoted by the INCF Japan Node at https://dynamicbrain.neuroinf.jp, there is a database including mathematical models of physiological functions, as well as other information, such as commentaries. To effectively utilize these data, a DBPF client application complying with Garuda alliance has been developed. The DBPF client can seamlessly bridge information in the DBPF database to tools, such as the modeling platform, PhysioDesigner, and the simulator, Flint. The linkage can also be expanded to any tools complying with Garuda alliance. The seamless linkage between DBPF and tools for, such as, modeling and simulation will greatly enhance DBPF utility.


Version 1.1

22 May, 2015

What's new

Java 1.6 and higher was supported.
Some minor bugs were fixed.

Install Note

Mac: Once you mount the disk image file you download, you will find an application named "PHPlotter1.0.app". Please move the application to anyplace you want to put. That's all for installation.

Win: Please execute the installer by double clicking it.

Linux: Please unarchive the tar file, and move files in it to a directory where you want to install.

Documents / Tutorial

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Dr. Yoshiyuki ASAI (OIST) [HP]
Prof. Hiroaki WAGATSUMA (Kyutech) [HP]


  • NIJC, RIKEN BSI Collaborative Research Fund for DynamicBrain Platform: Development of the DBPF and SimPF crossover framework for modeling and simulation, April 2013 - March 2014
  • Integrated Open Systems Unit (Open Biology Unit until March, 2015), OIST