ImageViewer is one of applications bundled in PhysioDesigner.
It is possible to
 - visualises image data in the format of MAT (Matlab binary), MHD, RAW, VOL, Analyze HDR, NifTy HDR, Wavefront OBJ, VTK, STL and VRML.
 - extract pixels over threshold, smoothing, deresolution,
 - select voxels in RAW and VOL format images, and to export the selected voxels into a file.
 - mutually convert among VTK, VRML, OBJ and STL.
 - put dipoles on an image object data.
 - put markers such as cone, sphere, cuboid, on image data.
 - convert from VTK, VRML, OBJ and STL (mesh objects) to RAW or VOL formats (volume objects).
 - create a mesh object (VTK, VRML, OBJ, STK) from MAT, RAW and VOL formats (volume objects).
ImageViewer is using PhysioDesigner API to process image data.


ImageViewer is bundled in a PhysioDesigner package. Please download PhysioDesigner, then you will get ImageViewer as well.
Please visit PhysioDesigner's site to download.


It is possible to launch ImageViewer in two ways.
One is to call it from PhysioDesigner. Then users can seamlessly continue to work from PhysioDesigner using ImageViewer's function.
The other way is to launch it as standalone application.