ISD Conv

Getting Started

1. Introduction

ISD Conv is a converter from ISD format to other format and other way around. For now it supports CSV format besides ISD format.

2. Set files

At first a user needs to give files to convert.
For now, since ISD Conv supports only two formats ISD and CSV, if a user give a ISD file, the file will be converted into CSV format. And if it is CSV file, it will be converted into IDS format.

A user can drag and drop files to the ISD Conv window, or select files in a file chooser opened by the menu "File > Open".
Using either way, it is possible to submit multiple files at one time.


3. Convert

Before starting conversion, a user can select a directory where the converted files installed.
At the bottom of the window, there is a combo box to select the destination of files.


Once selecting a directory, press a "Start" button to start conversion.