MedMod tool is aimed at constructing models form medical and cellular images by incorporating the utilities of the Matlab Image Processing toolbox, the matitk wrapper, some functions of Gabriel Peyre (Universite Paris-Dauphine, France) Wavelettoolbox as well as other self-made tools, all in a friendly user interactive environment.
The following utilities were incorporated into the MedMod Tool
  • Pre-processing steps on the image volume using different image processing techniques, such as contrast sharpening, gamma correction, histogram manipulations.
  • Image smoothing techniques such as Gaussian smoothing, anisotropic or local curvature filters.
  • Different volume rendering and visualization tools.
  • Several automatic and manual segmentation tools.
  • Triangulation and re-meshing tools for the segmented volume.
View the MedMod UserGuide for more informations.


Released: 16 February, 2012


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Dr. Rachid Ait-Haddou [HP]


  • MEXT Global Center of Excellence Program: A Center of Excellence for in silico Medicine-Oriented Worldwide Open Platform (2007-2011)