PH Plotter

PH Plotter is a graph plotter supporting CSV and ISD data format.
The former is a common text format in which values are separated by commas. The data form a big matrix; every column has the same number of rows. The first row is considered the label for each column, and the first column is supposed to represent time.
The latter format is a binary format defined in the Flint project to dump time series data. In the format, meta-information of the data, such as units, label names and description, can be recorded, as well as data values. The ISD and CSV formats are mutually convertible by the ISD Conv available in this site.


Version 2.0

13 June, 2016

Install Note

Mac: Once you mount the disk image file you download, you will find a directory named "PHPlotter2.0" in which the application and other files are. Please move the directory to anyplace you want to put. That's all for installation.

Win: Please execute the installer by double clicking it.

Linux: Please unarchive the tar file, and move files in it to a directory where you want to install.
Please be noticed that PH Plotter does not work well with Open Java. Please download and install Java distributed by Oracle.

What's new

In this version, the plotter was significantly updated.

- Multiple windows to draw graphs
Graphs are drawn in independent widows. When you check into variables which you want to observe, you can also select panel number. Variables with the same panel number are drawn in the same panel overlapping to each other.

- Plug-in framework
Now the plotter equips plug-in framework. As default, several time series analysis algorithms are included. Source codes of those default plug-ins are available from this site.

- Dynamic adjustment of point number to plot according to graph area size
When there are a lot of data points more than pixels of graph area width, all of data points cannot be plotted.

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Dr. Yoshiyuki ASAI (OIST) [HP]
Ms. Li LI (Intasect) [HP]
Mr. Yong Yao


  • Integrated Open Systems Unit (Open Biology Unit until March, 2015), OIST