PhysioVisualizer is a visualiser of simulation results with voxel-based morphological data. The morphological data should be uniform orthogonal grid. Each voxel has a value to be colorised. If there are multiple data files and each of them represents a single time instant, this software can create a cutoff animation gathering those multiple data files.
Basically we adopted the same data format with the one used by AVS (Advanced Visual Systems Inc.), i.e. .vm and .fld files.


Version 1.0

18 July, 2015

Install Note

Mac: Once you mount the disk image file you download, you will find a directory named "PhysioVisualizer1.0". Please move the directory anyplace you want to put. That's all for installation.

Win: Please execute the installer by double clicking it.

Documents / Tutorial

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Dr. Yoshiyuki ASAI (OIST) [HP]
Ms. Li LI (Intasect) [HP]
M.D. Dr. Takashi ASHIHARA (SUMS) [HP]
Dr. Shin INADA (NCVC) [


  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas: Integrative Multi-level Systems Biology (2010-)
  • Integrated Open Systems Unit (Open Biology Unit until March, 2015), OIST